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How to choose the best angle grinder

Without an angle grinder you're missing out on all kinds of useful applications. So how does one go about choosing a model to buy? Well the answer isn't simple. There are a lot of different factors to consider when you're looking for the best angle grinder on the market . I recently went through the process of searching for one myself, during this time I carried out a lot of research and looked at a lot of different product reviews. After quite a bit of research I eventually decided on going with the Makita ga7001L, although not the cheapest option, in my opinion in has the best specifications for this price point.

Some things you should keep in mind when you're choosing an angle grinder to buy: Size - don't forget they are a diverse tool and not one size fits all. Depending on if you want to work on massive things, or much smaller things you might buy a tool anywhere from 4 up to 7 inches (disc size). Size isn't the only factor you should be concerned with as RPM also plays an important role. If the RPM is too low for the task, then you'll get a rough finish and it'll do a poor job. Some models even have several RPM settings, meaning you can adjust the speed the disc spins at depending on which material you're grinding. These models that have this feature tend to be a little more expensive, but it's worth it in my opinion because it's actually cheaper than buying several different grinders that operate at different speeds but aren't adjustable.

The other thing I would recommend you take note of when browsing for a grinder is the quality. You really aught to purchase a robust well built tool so that it's not going to crap out on you. And it's a good idea to check out the warranty as most reputable manufacturers will offer some kind of guarantee. Personally I like Makita tools and think they're pretty great quality. But there are plenty of other good brands out there, just be sure to check out some reviews before you buy one.

My recent purchase had a disc size of 4.5 inches, this should be more than enough for most grinding jobs you'll come across in your day to day work. But if you need a bigger disc you'll find it easy to get models with up to 8 inches. With the models that have discs of 7 inches or more you'll find that you have more options as far as adding extra disc attachments goes. This can help with all sorts of things other than grinding, even tasks like polishing up metal etc. I hope this article helps you with any buying decisions, and if you're looking for more info check the reviews HERE or give it a google, there's lots of help online.